Becoming A Medical Sonographer

The Role of a Medical Sonographer

A medical sonographer plays an important part in non-invasive diagnostics. A lot of patients would rather have these imaging procedures. These imaging procedures use high frequency sound waves to create an image, and then that image can be used in place of exploratory surgery or a type of imaging that uses radiation. We mostly use this kind of imaging to look at an unborn fetus in prenatal care. They can also be used in specializing in imaging the abdomen, the breasts or even the brain.

Typical duties of the job include you preparing patients, usually by explaining the exam to them. Then after the procedure is over you will report your findings to the patient or if its information you are not allowed to release then you would report it to the physician. You will most likely work in a hospital setting, and you will be required to stand and walk for long periods of time, and if a patient requires different positioning or even assistance before, during, or after the procedure that is your responsibility.

As a medical sonographer you will have to know how to look at the still images you are taking. You will analyze the test results from the ultrasound equipment, calculations and measurements of the images created by you are presented to the physician for a diagnosis and treatment plan. You will help advise them on those decisions being you are the one who examined the patients. In emergency situations you would use ultrasound to determine any hidden injuries that are inside of the body. Anything from a ruptured spleen, collapsed lungs, lacerated livers, brain damage, and shattered bones. Sonographers who work in an emergency room are usually always busy, which is way different than an office setting.

On top of all of that, your job duties also include maintaining daily logs of the patients seen, take care of the billing, and perform some routine maintenance of the machines you use. You need to make sure they are safe and sanitary for each use and for all the equipment you use as well.

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