Career Services To Support You

Here at NCE in Rancho Cordova, our students come first. Our mission doesn’t end with providing quality, hands-on career training to our students. Our primary purpose is to help our students find rewarding entry-level jobs in their field of study upon program completion.

The process of helping our students get career-ready begins when they first walk through the doors of NCE. When a prospective student first visits NCE they will meet with one of our admissions representatives to determine which program that we offer is best suited for the individual. During this initial meeting the admissions representative will inquire about the prospective student’s goals, interests, passions and more in order to discover which program is the best fit. The prospective student will then also meet with our team of financial aid specialists to see if they qualify for federal financial support.

Identifying the best program match for a prospective student is just the beginning of the process of career readiness at NCE. As our students work through their studies they will encounter additional guidance and advising. At NCE we strive to maintain close communication with our students. If a student needs assistance--vocational or academic--they can find easy access to faculty and administrative staff members who are eager to assist them.

As students get closer to completing their program, they will receive even more specialized career services and professional support. It is at this point that we help our students begin the early phases of their employment search. Some of the services NCE offers at this point include:

  • Professional development
  • Individualized job placement advising
  • Resume and cover letter preparation assistance
  • Interview practice
  • Career fairs
  • And more

The reason behind these career services is to help make the transition into the professional world as smooth as possible for our graduates. Of course, the main reason that students enroll at NCE is to find rewarding entry level work after the complete their program. This is why we take such pride in our career services department.

One of the most unique things about our career services department at NCE is that our commitment to our students’ success doesn’t end when they graduate and find their first job--we are here throughout the course of their entire career. If an NCE graduate needs assistance finding a new job in their field of study years after program completion, we are here to support them.

So if you are serious about getting the training and support you need to start a rewarding new career, NCE has resources to help you.

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