A Day in the Life of a Medical Assistant

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be a medical assistant or been curious about what an average day is like for one? If so, you are in luck because we found a cool video that shows some of the typical tasks a medical assistant might complete in a normal day at work. Here it is:

Some of the responsibilities highlighted in this video include:

  • Getting to the office an hour or more before the patients arrive in order to check the patient schedule and prepare all necessary forms and documents. These forms and documents might include:
    • Lab slips
    • Pathology slips
    • Immunization reports
    • Medication lists
    • Well-adult forms
    • Patient history forms
    • Ultrasound forms
    • X-ray forms
  • Prepping exam rooms for patients and practitioners. This entails making sure the room is clean and fully stocked, that there are plenty of gowns, lots of table paper, and clean, ready-to-use tools and equipment.
  • Checking medication storage areas, vaccination stations, blood collections stations, etc. to ensure that all necessary equipment is clean and ready to be used.

One of our favorite parts of this video is when she highlights the importance of a medical assistant getting to know the practitioner so well that he/she can anticipate what the practitioner needs before it is even requested. This of course comes with working closely with a particular practitioner over time and eventually it should eventually become like second nature.

What was your favorite part of the video? Feel free to share in the comment section!

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