Electrician Training at NCE

Electrician Training Guide

In the world of contractors and construction, electricians are almost always in demand.  Certified technicians are required to perform certain duties on a construction or job site.  At National Career Education (NCE), the Electrician Training Program is top-notch and will prepare students for a variety of jobs in the electrical field.  Those who enter the electrician program at NCE will undergo hours of hands on training and have the opportunity to graduate in less than a year.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the need for certified electricians is expected to increase by twenty percent in the next seven years, meaning that this field is growing at a faster than average pace.  Graduates of the Electrician Training Program will be knowledgeable in various fields including: wiring installation, electrical code, blueprint drafting, conduit bending, and transformer systems.  These are just a handful of the plethora of duties an electrician may perform.  These duties could be needed in a variety of job sites as well, such as: new construction sites, residential or commercial buildings, and industrial maintenance sites.  With so many settings and different tasks required in each one, electricians are valuable resources on many occasions.

During the Electrician Training Program, many electrician students are placed into apprenticeships where they learn inside and outside of the classroom, allowing them to start working in the field under the direct supervision of an experienced electrician.  This hands-on training is what truly benefits students as they are able to gauge the type of work they will be doing in the future, as well as apply concepts from the classroom to real-world situations. Becoming a certified electrician and learning at the hands of a seasoned worker is a relatively quick way to earn a living.  Through apprenticeships, bonds are generally built, and the door opens to a steady career in the electrical field.

With a positive career outlook and a good pay scale, training to be a certified electrician is more valuable than ever.  At NCE, students are prepared to face challenges on the job and solve them using both theory and practice.  Certified electricians will be necessary as long as electricity is the main source of power for people worldwide.  Training to become an electrician with National Career Education will not only prepare students for a ‘bright’ future, but it will light the way to a successful future.

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