How Eyes Work & The Magic Behind Them

Your eyes take pictures of the world and send these pictures to your brain to be interpreted. Eyes function much like a camera when the light rays from an object pass through the lens of a camera and get recorded on film. The image a camera takes is upside down until printed - which is exactly what our eyes do!


So How Exactly Do Eyes Work?


There is a saying that the eye is the window to the soul... but what is the window to the eyeball?

  • The Cornea, which is the clear tissue in the front of the eye that focuses light as it passes through is the window to the eyeball.
  • The Iris is the colorful part of the eye, and it sits just under the cornea.
  • The Pupil is in the middle of the Iris and is an opening that lets light pass through it. The cornea has muscles attached to it that control how much light enters. The pupil gets smaller when there’s a lot of light and bigger when there is less light.
  • The Retina is in the back of the eyeball and after light passes through the cornea and the pupil it passes through an eye's lens which focuses the light on the Retina.
  • The Rods and Cones (millions of them!) make up the Retina. Rods see in black, white, & grey and receive shapes while cones are responsible for color vision.
  • The Optic Nerve sits behind the retina and sends the image that the eye receives to the brain to be interpreted.


So How Are Eyes Magical?


Eyes are magical not only for their magnificent color and uniqueness, but because of these 4 interactive tests, which we definitely suggest you check out! With over 9 million views, we promise you this Youtube video is worth your two minutes!


In the video you will:


  1. Find Your Blind Spot
  2. Understand After Images
  3. See Your Veins
  4. Observe Your Dominant Eye


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