Is Going Back To School In Your Future?

We get it--we know you hated high school.


The classes were boring (another lecture about George Washington?), impractical (why do I need to memorize every state’s capital when I can just Google it?), and far from applicable to your daily life (how is knowing who the 32nd US president was going to land me a date let alone a job?).


If you hated high school so much, why would you consider going back to school now?


Because NCE is NOT like high school!


At NCE you won’t waste your time taking classes like AP Poetry and Introduction to Literary Criticism. Afterall, what good are those classes going to do when you’re training to become an electrician, a lab assistant, a medical biller or an optometric assistant?


That’s right, NONE.


At NCE, all of our classes are focused on one thing only: teaching you the skills you need to excel in your career.


That’s right. There are no General Education course requirements at NCE in Rancho Cordova. So you won’t ever have to worry about wasting your time and money taking Introduction to Astronomy when you are studying to become an electrician.


Instead, if you are studying to become…...


  • A Medical Assistant you will take classes about anatomy, physiology and pharmacology
  • Optometric Assistant you will take classes about the anatomy of the human eye, common vision impairments, and various corrective eyewear technologies
  • An Electrician you will take classes about National Electrical Code, wiring methods and blueprint reading


So, if you are skeptical about going back to school because you hated high school, we totally understand where you’re coming from. BUT that is not a good reason to give up on school entirely! Especially because NCE is very different from high school because…


  • Classes are career-oriented
  • Instruction is hands-on
  • There are no “fluff” classes that will waste your time, money and energy
  • We are dedicated to the success of its students and graduates


So just because you hated high school doesn’t mean you should give up on school entirely! At NCE we do things differently. At NCE, we are dedicated to YOU and YOUR FUTURE!


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