Hands On Training

Why NCE Uses Hands On Training

At National Career Education we pride ourselves in putting our students first and making sure they have the proper tools to achieve success. With our experienced instructors and intensive programs, we give each student the opportunity for a much better future. This is why, for each of our programs we offer hands on training to ensure our graduates will not only be able to learn in a classroom setting, but they will be able to apply their knowledge to real equipment.

We believe utilizing hands on training is the most successful study method for our students. Training of this sort, helps students retain the material better by allowing them to really process the information and having the opportunity to practice their techniques.  Along with better retention, this method allows students to work one on one with our caring instructors for guidance in practices and procedures. It creates a ‘learning by doing’ environment with access to the material and equipment that are used in real life jobs. On top of being able to perfect their skills, by doing so, students are able to develop confidence in their abilities. They are able to use their critical thinking to complete a project from start to finish successfully. This in turn, can create a sense of achievement and empowerment in each student. They feel as if they are now prepared to take on any real life scenario in the workplace because they have the tools and experience to do so.

At National Career Education we provide career services that will advise graduates on available jobs in the area, but before we do so, it is our job is to make sure students are properly trained and ready to take on the tasks of these positions. This is why we provide our students with several months of training for our Electrician program. For our Medical Assistant program and our Optical/ Optometric Assistant program we provide less months of hands on training and also a 160 hour externship opportunity for each program.

National Career Education has a friendly and supportive learning environment that makes it an enjoyable experience for all NCE students. If you think it’s time to start your career in any of these fields, then check out National Career Education today to finally get the proper training you’ve always wanted and deserve!

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