Helpful Study Tips For Students

Study Tips to Lower Stress and Learn More Efficiently

Having a list of study tips handy can be greatly beneficial to any student. Everyone has struggled one time or another to get the grasp they need or desire on a certain subject. Whether you struggle in multiple subjects or just one or two, NCE has come up with some study tips to help give you the best shot at taking in and retaining the information you need not only to pass exams, but also to use as you move onto putting everything you have learned into use as you begin your career. A good thing to point out is that everyone has their own unique learning style, so it is best to give each of these tips a shot and see which one works best for you. Once you find a tip that works really well for you keep doing it until it becomes routine, almost automatic, and then move onto making another one routine.

These study tips are for planning when to study:

  1. Plan two hours of study time for every hour spent in class. Though there are exceptions to this, it is a good general rule. Especially for student who are making the transition from high school to college.
  2. Study the difficult or least favorite subject first, when your mind is fresh.
  3. Avoid scheduling marathon study sessions, however if they are needed take a break at least once an hour to refresh your mind.
  4. Use waiting time to get in some quick studying.
  5. Keep a calendar for the length of your courses with weekly to do lists of important tasks that need to get done. Having a visual representation of time management is a huge advantage to getting yourself to study.

When thinking about where to study, try these tips:

  1. Use a regular study area. Your body will become trained to know that when you enter that area it is time to study.
  2. Use a library to avoid unnecessary distractions.
  3. Set up study groups. Studying in a group has many benefits like reviewing subjects from other perspectives and helping each other out with difficult material.

Hitting a wall when studying happens? If so here are some things to ask yourself when you get stuck:

  1. What is one task I can accomplish toward my goal?
  2. Am I beating myself up and getting frustrated?
  3. Would I pay myself for what I’m doing right now?
  4. Can I do just one more thing?

NCE wants nothing more for their students than to succeed and earn the education they desire to reach their career goals. So put these study tips to use to try and make studying more efficient and less stressful. Call or click today for more information on the variety of NCE programs offered in the Rancho Cordova/Sacramento area to get started on your path to a successful and rewarding career.

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