Interview Question Advice: Tell Me About Yourself – The Perfect Answer

Anthony Stagg is the author of a popular YouTube channel dedicated to personal development, inspiration and interview techniques. We recently found a great video by Anthony that focuses on how to answer one of the most difficult interview questions out there: Can you please tell me about yourself?




“Well, I’m a Gemini. I have three cats and a dog. I am originally from the Sacramento area but I grew up spending the summers with my Aunt Ethel in Palm Springs. My favorite activities include painting my nails and watching The Kardashians. My boyfriend’s name is Tom and he is an Aries, so we are like, totally compatible...”


No, no, no. That is NOT how to answer the question “Can you please tell me about yourself?” in a job interview!


But how DO you answer that question in a way that will actually improve your chances of landing the job your are interviewing for? This is where Anthony Stagg’s video “Tell Me About Yourself - The Perfect Answer” comes into play. Here’s the link to watch:



So, what are Anthony’s main points?


  • Take a structured approach. He suggests using the acronym E-E-S:
  • Education
  • Employment
  • Skill


This is a useful approach because it will help you keep track of your thoughts even when you might be nervous or flustered. It will also ensure that you touch on relevant points that will help the employer understand why you would be a good addition to their team. Successfully following this structured approach will result in a great answer to the question, “Can you please tell me about yourself?”, which in turn will boost your confidence for the rest of the interview.


  • Be relevant. If you are interviewing for a position as a phlebotomist, make sure you highlight information about yourself that is relevant to the job. Did you volunteer at the annual blood drive every year when you were in high school? Did you help your younger sibling overcome their fear of needles so they can comfortably get shots and donate blood? If so, be sure to share that information in the interview! Even if you don’t have much phlebotomy experience outside of your formal training and your externship, those are relevant pieces of information that an employer would be interested to know.
  • Be specific. Anthony stresses that poor answers are general (“I graduated from school two months ago”) while good answers are specific (“I graduated from NCE’s electrician program two months ago, where I maintained a 4.0 GPA and received extensive hands-on training in the field during my electrician externship at Leroy Jones Electric”). An employer looking to hire an entry-level electrician will be much more impressed with the second answer than the first because it provides specific information that is relevant to the job being interviewed for.



Hopefully Anthony’s tips will help you approach your next job interview with more confidence than ever and land the job of your dreams. But if you aren’t yet at the job interview stage because you lack the formal training necessary, fear not because NCE offers excellent programs that will prepare you for an entry-level job in your area of interest.


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