Optometric Assistant at NCE

 Optometric Assistant Duties

Do you have a love for eye and vision care? Have you ever thought about getting into a career in the optometric field? Well if so, now you have the perfect opportunity to jump right in and train to become an optometric assistant. At National Career Education (NCE), we offer a one of a kind Optical/ Optometric Assistant program that will without a doubt get you prepared to start your new life working side by side with an optometrist.

Becoming an assistant is much like becoming a medical assistant; you will perform many duties that a medical assistant would, except you will be working in offices of optometrists, eye and vision care clinics, and other vision care facilities opposed to medical care offices. The duties include: administrative tasks like answering phones, scheduling appointments, and bookkeeping. But the tasks are mainly focused on clinical duties that include: conducting diagnostic tests, recording and measuring vision, testing eye functions, and prepping examination rooms. They also work closely with patients to instruct them in care and use of glasses and contact lenses, vision therapy, assist with frame selection, adjust and repair glasses, and modify contact lenses.

In order to work in this position it requires you to have strong organizational, interpersonal, and communication skills. Many times you will be given multiple tasks all at the same time and will be required to complete them with a deadline, this means that you should be a great multitasker. If you love keeping busy then this is the perfect job for you!

At National Career Education, we make it possible for you to get started with this career path in no time. With our short 9-month program, you will also have the opportunity to receive hands-on practical training in the field with our 160-hour externship program that is included. With this chance you will not only learn basics in the classroom with your peers, but also in the office with real professionals. This will help prepare you for post-graduation when you are able to work in private practices, retail optical service centers, optical laboratories and also hospitals. Once finished with our program you will also be more than ready for the American Board of Opticianry Certification. So if you’re tired of being bored at your job and ready to start doing what you really love, then check out National Career Education’s Optical/ Optometric Assistant program today!

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