Optometry Jobs

Seeing A Brighter Future With Optometry Jobs

Jobs in the field of medicine have been sought after for years.  As children, some even dream of becoming doctors or dentists or even optometrists because of their valuable work.  Optometry jobs go far beyond what most of these children would ever believe. At National Career Education (NCE), students can take courses related to optometry in order to become an optometric or optical assistant.  Through first hand training and practice in the field, students are able to get a feel for the field of optometry and the great opportunities it has to offer.

In NCE’s Optical/Optometric Assistant Program, students will learn a variety of techniques and duties related to the job.  They not only gain hands-on experience, but are able to determine what parts of optometry that they would like to focus on and perhaps advance through in the future. There is a chance for a promotion if an employee is knowledgeable and works hard in their position.

Though it begins with the administrative and daily tasks including vision tests for patients, fitting lenses and frames, and lens grinding or tinting, there is always the chance for a driven and hardworking employee to acquire a new position.  Optometry jobs require a very specific set of skills, and through National Career Education, students are offered a chance to learn the core of these skills.  Students will also get a chance to participate in a one hundred and sixty hour externship program to gain experience in the field.  This combination of learning techniques and skills makes NCE a great option for anyone looking to start a career in the health care field.

Students at National Career Education can get a head start towards one of the many great optometry jobs in the field.  Whether the goal is to become an optical or optometric assistant, or to move higher than that in the field of optometry, NCE is the place to start.  Graduates will have the chance to work in various environments aside from offices of optometry, such as retail stores and hospitals.  With different locations come different opportunities, which is just one more aspect that an education from NCE brings to the conversation.

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