Preparing for Your Medical Assistant Interview

Studying to become a medical assistant is the 1st step towards a career as a medical assistant. The 2nd step is applying for an entry level medical assistant job.


Medical assistants are often considered the backbone of a hospital and without them, physicians would be unable to provide the same quality of care. Though finding an entry level medical assistant job requires dedication. After completing your studies with us at the National Career Education here in Sacramento graduates become job seekers. Applying for positions is hard work, and applicants should maximize their chances of being selected by following these NCE tips!


  1. Perfect your medical assistant resume by utilizing the career services centers here at NCE.  We have been preparing these resumes for over 25 years!  Let us help!
  2. Take advantage of externships and career placements, because networking is important.
  3. Practice interviewing with your peers and educators.
  4. Review your medical assistant coursework often, especially leading up to interviews.


In addition to our tips, we suggest you check out these real life medical assistant interview questions by MedHealthJobs to be as prepared as possible!


Some questions and tips we liked were:


  1. Q: Often you will deal with upset patients, how will you handle this?

A: The key is to remain calm and speak in a clear and even tone. It is important to convey that patients have been heard, because a feeling of being ignored is often what makes patients upset.

  1. Q: How would you rate your communications skills?

A: I would rate them strong because my previous experience in customer service required that I liaise between customers, upper management, and my colleagues.


And the BEST TIP?


Use as many real life job experiences as possible!


Landing an entry level medical assistant job can be hard work, but motivated and prepared NCE graduates will find that their dedication pays off. At NCE career readiness is achieved through comprehensive training and career services support. Together, a great education and practical job seeking support prepares NCE graduates for careers as medical assistants.


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