Skills That Every EKG Technician Should Have is a great resource for aspiring and established EKG technicians. They provide valuable information on how to become an EKG technician as well as how to expand your career as one. We recently came across a great article on their website titled “7 Skills Every EKG Technician Should Have”. We have the link to the article here if you would like to check it out yourself:

Here is a shortened version of that list:

1. People Skills
2. Caregiving Skills
3. Active Listening Skills
4. Attention to Details Skills
5. Communication Skills
6. Documenting and Recording Skills
7. Technology Skills

We have also added one more item to their list that we think is crucial to being a top-notch EKG technician:

-Establishing a great relationship with the physician:

As a certified EKG technician you have a vast wealth of medical knowledge. You understand the intricate workings of the human heart, you know how to operate specialized machinery in order to evaluate a patient’s heart health, and you know what a healthy electrocardiogram reading looks like compared to an abnormal or unhealthy one. Now imagine if you could place this specialized knowledge into the bigger picture of overall patient health. Imagine knowing exactly how heart health affects all other bodily systems. Having a close relationship with the physician is a great way to acquire this additional knowledge and provide patients with a more in-depth understanding of their heart health. Having a good relationship with the physician will also reassure patients that they are being treated by a cohesive team that is dedicated to their wellbeing.

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