What It Takes To Be a Good Electrician

Being a good electrician takes more than mastery of all things electrical. Being a good electrician requires patience, humility, and flexibility - especially as an electrical apprentice.


So listen up NCE electricians! We know that landing an entry-level electrician job will probably be your first priority after graduation, which is why we want to share this video with you.



In this video our friends at www.electricianslibrary.com share the skills, knowledge and etiquette it takes to become an electrician that works well with bosses and coworkers. While some of the tips (like clean up after yourself) should be pretty obvious others might not be.


Here at NCE it is our priority to prepare our students for success, so while we encourage you to watch the video for yourself, we have also summarized it for you in case you don’t have the time to watch.


  1. Be teachable - just because you’ve graduated, doesn't mean you're a master electrician yet...
  2. Be humble - humility shows respect for your co-workers and bosses.
  3. Really know the skills -  be able to complete tasks assigned to you.
  4. Remember the NEC is only a guide - If you’re already studying to become an electrician at NCE you know how important the National Electrical Code is, so help everyone out by learning it inside and out.
  5. Don’t use your cell phone - NCE teachers don’t want you on your phone during class, you boss doesn’t want you on the phone when you’re on the job either.
  6. Clean up your messes - this is a safety issue, but it will also impact your popularity at work!
  7. Arrive on time - working as a tradesman means early start times and firm deadlines, so no wasting time.
  8. Ask questions - working as an apprentice is an opportunity to apply classroom learning to real life situations. This is the ideal time to ask questions.
  9. Dress like a professional - at NCE we don’t have a uniform, but don’t assume that this will be the case when you start a new job.
  10. Have your tools with you - in the classroom we provide the necessary tools for  hands-on-learning, but once you start working as a professional electrician the arriving with the proper tools is up to you!
  11. Don’t complicate what is simple, don’t simplify what is complicated  - this is up there with the Golden Rules if you ask us.
  12. Accept your mistakes - we all make mistakes, so long as you acknowledge it when you make them and learn from them it’s okay.
  13. Listen more than you speak - just like your mother taught you, your boss will want you to pay attention to him.
  14. Work hard even when you’re alone - ever heard the proverb, while the cat's away the mice will play? Trades are not often social jobs. You will spend a lot of time working alone, and discipline will be required to complete tasks on time.
  15. Don’t make up new solutions - industry rules and techniques are in place because they work - creativity is not part of you job as an electrician.


So what do we here at the NCE think of all this? We agree with the electricianslibrary.com, but we want to remind our recent graduates of a few more things that can make entering the workforce a little smoother.


  1. Start Applying for jobs early, and take advantage of resources available to you - stop by the career center at NCE to review your resume. Once you are satisfied with your resume, start sending it out to potential employers!
  2. Follow up with employers after you send them your resume.  Following up demonstrates initiative, persistence, and genuine interest in the job.
  3. Work on your people skills. While you may think people skills aren’t important to electricians, the ability to develop good relationships will set you apart from other candidates and shows your leadership ability.


So how does all this affect you?


  1. Existing students - already enrolled in our electrician diploma program? Stop by the career center and start working on your resume ASAP, so you can hit the ground running once you complete your studies.
  2. NCE graduate - already a graduate of our electrician diploma program? We want to say congratulations on selecting an accredited electrician technician program and working hard until the finish line! This blog post is especially for you! We hope these tips are helpful as you transition from student to apprentice electrician.
  3. Future NCE student - do you want to go back to college or quit a dead end job? The NCE family welcomes you to study with us at our accredited career college in Rancho Cordova. Study to become an electrician and trust that you’ll have the support you need to succeed.


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