Why I Wanted To Be A Medical Assistant And Not a Nurse

We found a great video for our blog this week: “Why I Wanted to be a Medical Assistant and Not a Nurse.” Check it out:



The woman in the video, Brittany, is a stay at home mother who is looking for a rewarding career that will enable her to support her family and send her son to a private preschool. She was always interested in working in the medical field; she also knew she wanted to have a meaningful career. However, she wasn’t certain that a career as a nurse would be the best fit for her.


There were two main reasons that nursing didn’t appeal to Brittany: the years of schooling required to become a nurse and that she would have to work weekends and holidays. So she began researching alternative healthcare careers. It was at this point that she discovered she could fulfil her dream of working in the medical field and having a rewarding career by becoming a medical assistant!


Here are a few of the reasons Brittany decided to become a medical assistant:

  • The length of schooling required to become a medical assistant is much shorter than the length of schooling required to become a nurse. In fact, here at NCE you can complete your medical assistant training in as little as nine months!
  • Medical assistants work Monday-Friday in a clean environment. That means that Brittany has weekends and holidays free to spend with her family.
  • She gets to live her dream of working in the medical field.


Are you also considering entering the rapidly growing medical field as a medical assistant? If so you’re in luck because here at NCE in Rancho Cordova, we offer an accredited medical assistant program that can be completed in as little as 9 months. That means you can be on your way to a rewarding career in the medical field in less than a year!


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