What Is Optometry

What is Optometry and What Careers Do They Offer?

When you think of doctors some characteristics that may come to mind are caring, helpful, experienced and educated. These similar traits can also be associated to other fields as well. These fields often serve the people of the community in one way or another. Common careers that display these qualities are found in nurses, police officers and teachers. However there are many other careers that provide the same fulfillment along with having an inspiring impact and message. An exciting career where this is often overlooked is doctors who focus on your eyes .These types of doctors are not always at the top of our minds since many people are puzzled as to what is optometry. Unless you have paid visits to the optometrist and attend regularly it can be mystifying as to what this field is all about. Luckily at National Career Education (NCE) we are excited to share with you our insight to what this field is about and how our Optical/Optometric Assistant program may help jumpstart your career.

If you need to get your eyes looked at you might consider going to a hospital, but the best recommendation is to go where they specialize in nothing but eyes. At an Optometry office their vision is to make the world a better place by improving the health and clarity of people’s eyesight. What is optometry without having the basic knowledge behind what they do; this can help people see the purpose behind their job. This field can be broken down into basic components, such as how they assess, improve and correct your vision. When you go in for an appointment their first job is to assess your vision. This process is handled by an Optical Assistant. Their job is to understand the specific qualities, concerns and needs related to your eyes and vision. This means listening, understanding and connecting to the patient. Through different procedures and evaluations this assessment is constructed and delivered to the Optometrist often referred to as the doctor.

Once this information is passed along to the doctor it is their job to report and explain the findings to improve the patient’s eyesight. The doctor will then go over any health concerns they might have discovered along with any red flags. It is the doctor’s job to discuss the different options, plans and solutions best suited for the patient. This is in relation to their age, lifestyle and budget. Once this is established the Optical Assistant is then in charge of making sure those plans of action are set in place by assisting them with their prescriptions. This process can be fun and rewarding. By attending NCE you will be trained to receive the knowledge, tools and experience needed to start your career as an Optical Assistant. Discover what is optometry and why this truly is a great field!

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