Whatever Your Dream Is, It’s Never Too Late

Now more than ever the pressure to succeed is increased by our close relationship to social media. We track our own progress and measure our own successes not through personal  achievement, but rather through comparison--as we witness our peers stumble and triumph we tend to judge ourselves accordingly. While self reflection can spur creativity and  motivate us, psychologists also note that social media alters the way we reflect on ourselves and our own accomplishments.

Of course it is tempting to compare yourself to friends, especially when they share juicy details about their awesome new job on Facebook or post a slew of images of the home they just bought on Instagram. It is easy to wonder why you don’t have a sweet new job or a brand new house, and this can quickly lead to feelings of inadequacy.

We are here to remind you that it doesn’t have to be this way! We encourage you to stop comparing yourself to others because here at NCE, we believe that


In order to really drive this message home we thought we would share this great video about what some of today’s most successful individuals were doing before they became the household names they are today.

The overall message of the video is this: Who cares that at 23 Tina Fey worked at the YMCA, or that Oprah Winfrey was fired from her first reporting job? At 30 Harrison Ford was a carpenter, Vera Wang didn’t design her first dress until she was 40 and Samuel L. Jackson didn’t get his first movie role until he was 46!

In reality, none of that matters. People achieve different things at different times in their lives. So there is no need to judge yourself based on the achievements of others--you have plenty of time to achieve your goals!

Simply start by setting your own goals and then get to working towards them. If you are worried that it might be too late for you to achieve your dream of going back to school and and getting the training  you need to start a rewarding career, we are here to tell you that it’s not. In fact, it’s never too late. We at NCE are here to help you reach your goals no matter what age you are or where you find yourself in life.

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