What Is A Day As A Medical Assistant Like?

Working in the medical field is a highly rewarding career, but not everyone has the time or money to go through the years of education required to become a doctor. Yet, there are so many other medical career paths through which you can help make a difference, such as becoming a medical assistant.

Medical assistants are medical professionals trained to undertake a variety of tasks. In this infographic, developed by Top Medical Assisting Programs, you can see just what a day in the life of a medical assistant could look like!

From preparing exam rooms, exams and patient and physician documents, to drawing blood, setting up appointments, taking vital signs, medical assistants must be well-educated about every task they will encounter. Other common skills a medical assistant must have include:


Whether talking or listening to patients, physicians, nurses, or colleagues over the phone or in person, good communication skills are required of a medical assistant to give and receive accurate information.

Customer Service

The concerns of all patients must be respected and treated with sensitivity. Like any customer, they are able to choose their practitioners based on the level of care received and as a medical assistant, it is best to heed this recommendation.


Due to the variety of tasks a medical assistant undertakes in a day, let alone their entire career, it is very wise to be organized, and acquire clerical skills to navigate the office tasks you will be in charge of.


A range of medical equipment and computers will be used by a medical assistant in the work day. Therefore, an effective use of technology is required of a medical assistant, especially in today’s fast paced and evolving world in which technology is updated constantly.

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