NCE’s Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions!

Exercise more? Eat healthier? These are just some of the most popular resolutions around. But at NCE, we decided to tailor a list specifically with our students and prospective students in mind.

Right now is all about deciding on that one resolution we truly believe we’ll stick to in 2017. We try to commit to eating healthier, exercising more, or making use of that brand new juicer we got for Christmas. Or, maybe we want to diversify our perspective and talents and so dedicate our resolution to learning to cook a different way, traveling to a new destination, or learning to speak a new language. There are so many resolutions to choose from, it can be tough trying to pick just one!

Cooking? Exercise? Travel? Continue reading for more!









At NCE, we understand the struggle is real. So, we decided to create a list that not only combined some of the most popular resolutions to date, but also highlighted what unites us as a school: your education, your future. Without further adieu, here are NCE’s Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions (listed in no particular order)!

1) Get more sleep. Period.

Research shows that 40.6 million Americans who are deprived of sleep. Research also shows that sleep has direct effect on our ability to focus, be happy and become stressed. Therefore, it is an important improvement to consider. Check out this great infographic for 16 other things you might not have known about sleep to find a convincing tidbit for this critical resolution. If you thrive already on little sleep, then read on for a better resolution for you!

2) Create a well-balanced daily/weekly routine

We know it’s not easy juggling all of your responsibilities in life, but we hope this resolution will help. To begin, make a list of your priorities. By doing so, you are already deciding which aspects in your life will stay in your new routine and which ones can be tossed out. A few that we think are important are: going to and studying for your NCE career training program, spending time with your family and friends, going to work (if applicable), making time for at least one extracurricular hobby, AND feeling better about it all! Sounds simple, right? It is common to find ourselves burned out or spread thin at the end of the year and the new year can be a time to refocus. Schedule around your classes better, wake up a little earlier, or go to bed a little earlier. All of these little adjustments can do wonders when refocusing and becoming more balanced in the new year.

3) Establish a professional, yet genuine relationship with an instructor

Each day you spend in your NCE career training program is a day spent with some of the most experienced people in their field (and later we hope this will become your field!). They have walked in your shoes, have possibly even experienced the same trials and errors. So, you may find you can relate to one or two of them (at least). Learn from them, be inspired by them and look up to them, but also find out what makes them tick, what other interests they have. You will likely find that you have more in common than just your area of study. In turn, this will broaden your on-campus crowd and make your learning that much more enjoyable. Plus, it is so much easier asking someone you genuinely know as well as respect for letters of recommendation or advice when the job-placement time comes and you need assistance.

4) Take advantage of NCE’s Career Services, including Tutoring!

This resolution combines your desire to  do well in all of your classes, get better grades, or gain better studying tactics. It’s a tip many of us wish we had known sooner in our own career training programs. It is best to contact NCE’s Director of Education as soon as you find yourself slipping or having any concern as sessions are scheduled based on individual student need. Creating this habit allows you to practice asking for help when you really need it as well as expanding your circle to include the highly trained and experienced professionals around you. Then, the next time you have a question or concern, you’ll already know where to go!

5) Become more aware about and open to the world around you

It is a crazy, important time to be alive. This resolution might be broad, but it is in hopes that you tailor it specifically for you. If you want to learn more about politics, the environment, or fair-trade, subscribe to the necessary publications or do the research. Dedicate a little bit of time each morning to reading the newspaper. Make your Google Chrome home-screen the homepage of your favorite nonprofit to ensure you see their most recent updates. Buy presents that help support educating girls and women in a third-world country. Our world is only becoming more connected and it is important that we not only become more aware of it, but open to it as well.

And there you have it: NCE’s Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions. We hope that it recognizes all that you must juggle in life while encouraging you to continue making your training at NCE in Citrus Heights, CA and in 2017 a top priority. You can bet it will be in ours.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us and follow us on Facebook now! If by now you’ve chosen your resolution, whether or not it’s one of our’s, please share it in the comments below!

And P.S. If you need a little more inspiration and a little 90’s laugh from our favorite “Friends,” click the link below ;)