A New HVAC Program to Start January 2017!


For centuries, the coming of a new year has been laden with rituals and symbolism for change, prosperity and good fortune. Whether through ceremony or with a fresh, New Year’s resolution, cultures around the world celebrate in their own unique ways. And you can expect nothing less from us here at NCE. As we enjoy the holiday season with family and friends, and relocate to a new and bigger campus in Citrus Heights (announced October 12th in this post), we also gear up for the induction of a new program for our campus and our students. Come February 2017, we will have a brand new HVAC program for students to choose from.


And this is our first release of the good news!


So, what does an HVAC program mean? What does a career in HVAC look like? And what new opportunities are awaiting you now?


image01A Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Program will be hands-on, like all of our programs. It will require critical thinking and problem solving, and will prepare students for entry-level positions as HVAC technicians in as little as 10.5 months. - Some of the places you could find yourself working include:

- Air Conditioning/Heating Companies
- Hospitals
- Hotels
- Manufacturers
- Mechanical Contractors
- Schools
- Or Your Own Business

Anywhere that relies on heating, air conditioning and ventilation is a potential workplace for an HVAC technician. In other words, just as the construction and building industry increases, so will the need for trained HVAC technicians, so the opportunities can be endless!


image00In our new HVAC program, we will combine theory with practicality to ensure that our students gain the knowledge necessary to create their own HVAC career. This knowledge will include:

- Starting-up New A/C and Heating Equipment
- Servicing and Repairing Residential and Light
Commercial Gas Heating Systems
- Replacing Residential and Light Commercial
Condensing Unit, Compressor and Evaporator Fan
- Troubleshooting Mechanical and Electrical Systems
- Repairing Circuits

And so much more. While this is just the beginning of an HVAC program at NCE, you can bet we’ll be putting just as much focus, commitment and pride into it as each of our other career training programs.


In conclusion, as we bid adieu to the old year, let us look and move forward together knowing that good things are happening, and better things are yet to come here at NCE. Yet if ever you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to post them in the comments section below, contact one of our dedicated admissions representatives here, or follow us on Facebook!